BTC wallet - secure cryptocurrencies; SatoshiLabs


While common currencies are based on trust in political and economic institutions, bitcoin exists thanks to confidence in algorithms. Bitcoins do not exist physically, just as a record of their trading in a decentralized database. You cannot save them in a bank or a conventional vault. The only thing you actually have is access codes. However, no ordinary computer is safe enough to store digital money wallets.

BTC wallet – secure cryptocurrencies; SatoshiLabs

Therefore, the Czech company Satoshi Labs has developed Trezor- a hardware wallet, a touch screen display case with a USB connector that keeps the access codes. Because Trezor is built as open hardware open software, it is totally transparent, allowing for 100% audibility by independent experts. Security of the Vault is enhanced by three level back-ups (PIN code, password for data backup, and password for data recovery). The new Trezor model already supports not only Bitcoin, but other cryptocurrencies.

BTC wallet – secure cryptocurrencies; SatoshiLabs

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